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Define all variables used and state any parameters clearly. Comment on any differences. They are written by the owner of the website. Students are encouraged to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems set in a variety of meaningful contexts.

On a new set of axes, draw your model function and the original graph.

Math portfolio

You do not need to be studying this subject in your diploma. The production of knowledge requires accepting conclusions that go beyond the evidence for them. The internally assessed component, the exploration, offers students the opportunity for developing independence in their mathematical learning.

As a consequence, students can use their own inherent, logical thinking skills and do not need to rely on standard algorithms and remembered formulae. Comment on any apparent trends in your graph and suggest suitable models.

Some of the R0values for different diseases are shown above. Students wishing to study subjects with a high degree of mathematical content should therefore opt for a mathematics HL course rather than a mathematics SL course. Using technology, plot the data points on a graph. The SIR model looks at how much of the population is susceptible to infection, how many of these go on to become infectious, and how many of these go on to recover and in what timeframe.

Although there is possibility of any topic but some of the topics are listed here; pascal"s triangle and fibonacci sequence, modelling musical chords, prisoner"s dilemma, water surface area in a tilted clyinder, road traffic flow and running late, tower of honoi, etc.

All categories of student can register for mathematics HL only or for further mathematics HL only or for both. The internally assessed component, the portfolio, offers students a framework for developing independence in their mathematical learning by engaging in mathematical investigation and mathematical modelling.

The challenge for students will be to reach an equivalent level of understanding across all topics. Students likely to need mathematics for the achievement of further qualifications should be advised to consider an alternative mathematics course.

Therefore, great care should be taken to select the course that is most appropriate for an individual student. IB Extended Essay The extended essay is an in-depth study of a topic chosen from one of the subjects offered in the ib program. This is achieved by means of a carefully balanced approach.

Students who wish to study an even more rigorous and demanding course should consider taking further mathematics HL in addition to mathematics HL.May 15,  · Help with my IB Math SL portfolio?

IB Mathematics HL Portfolio

IB math SL matrix portfolio Q2 general formula? More questions. IB Math SL Grade boundries? IB MATH SL PORTFOLIO- BMI. help!!!!? Answer Questions.

Hi everyone! I came here to ask for help. So I have a marketing group project that s due on nov28 and i cant find the points that i choseT.T?Status: Resolved. Top class IB tutors offer help in all ib math portfolio SL/HL/DP/Studies/internal assessment ia task type I/1 and type II/2. We have expert ib math tutors from schools who have lots of experience in helping ib students all over the world.

Nov 15,  · IB Math SL Type 2 Portfolio Fish Autograph and Excel Tips for Comparing Functions.

IB Math SL Portfolio - Body Mass Index!?

IB Math resources IB Math resources. IB IA - This publication offers useful suggestions and guidance for the implementation of the internally assessed component—the portfolio IB Maths by Adrian Sparrow - Notes and sample questions on Math Studies, Math SL, and Math HL.

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Modelling Infectious Diseases

There is still a lack of data on safety and reputation of this domain, so you should be very careful when browsing it. The Group 5: Mathematics subjects of the IB Diploma Programme consist of four different mathematics courses.

To earn an IB Diploma, a candidate must take one of the following four mathematics courses: Mathematical Studies SL (Standard Level), Mathematics SL, Mathematics HL (Higher Level) or Further Mathematics HL. Further Mathematics .

Ib math portfolio sl
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